Hey there! I'm glad you found your way to my website. My name is Ben Salafia of No B.S. Photography. No B.S. (while being my initials, hah!) stands for no bull****. In other words, love is best captured candidly and the memories we hold closest are found in the absence of posing. I'd like my photos to reflect the authenticity and raw emotions that help us all to find each other, remind us to be silly, to be sad, and not to apologize for all our beautifully imperfect moments. That being said, I do ask questions, I do make suggestions, I do anticipate, and when the lighting is right, I encourage you to let me pull you aside to create some really elegant photos (if that's ok with you!). I also have no problem posing you and your family for traditional wedding group photos upon request.

I've never been the guy who can easily sing his own praises or talk effortlessly about himself. I could never twist my image to seem appealing to an employer or do things I don't agree with or enjoy to appease others (sorry dad). Over the years I've learned to be simple and truthful. I will probably be the best dancer at your wedding. I could never live too far from a snowy mountain. I will not let you feel uncomfortable in front of my camera. On your day, this is your world and we're all just livin' in it. I pay attention to people and pride myself in finding joy in small places. My philosophy in life connects me to my style of photography, to take things as they come, to see things as they are, and to appreciate beauty as it is rather than as I would have it.